Distance Reiki

Experience the healing energy of Reiki, virtually. Reiki energy is ever-present, all around us,  and can be felt through space and time.


Mariel will guide you through your reiki healing session from the

comfort of your own home,  via Zoom.  Learn more about her offerings below and click here to find out more about her experience with the healing Reiki energy.

30 minute online session: $40

60 minute online session: $80


60 minute in person session: $100


Reiki Treatment

Reiki is a Japanese relaxation technique that promotes healing, clarity, and balance. During a session, Mariel will gently place her hands on you and use universal light energy to create space where you may need it and help to clear out stagnant energy. A reiki session will leave you feeling peaceful, calm, and energized. 



Reiki + Intuitive Healing Treatment

Working with her intuition, Mariel will provide you with an uplifting reiki session. During your session, she may receive intuitive messages that will be shared with you after your treatment. These messages are always for your highest good, personal healing, and growth. Mariel may also use angel cards for guidance in this session. 


Reiki + Yoga

Working with your physical and energetic body,  Mariel will guide you through a gentle yoga sequence tailored for you. Depending on your needs, this may include pranayama (breathing techniques), meditation, and asana. Your practice will be followed by a relaxing and healing reiki session. 






Mariel has taught this workshop in New York City, Westchester, and Singapore, and looks forward to sharing it all around the world. 

Sweat + Surrender is specialty class created by Mariel Reyes. It is a healing, full body experience that fuses yoga, music, breath, meditation, and energy work. 


Beginning with a grounding vinyasa practice, we will flow into a restorative space with yin poses, meditation and relaxation; and end with individual reiki healing with aromatherapy oils.


Set to candlelights, ethereal beats, and moving music; sweat it out and flow through a strong, fluid and accessible vinyasa practice that will uplift and challenge you from the inside out. From this space of energy and intensity, shift inward into a space of softness and surrender. 


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